Friday, April 28, 2006


Dear compatriots,
You are familiar with the existing state of affairs within our community.
The necessity for a change in the prevailing climate cannot be postponed any further and it is exactly for this reason that I have put forward my candidature for the elections of 21st May.

We know each other well and I believe there already exists between us a bond based on mutual understanding and confidence. You know me as a man of deeds and not words, I therefore present to you the main points of my programme that will constitute my ten point commitment to you.

Utilize, in a practical and realistic manner, the assistance given by the State in all sectors, to find solutions to the problems of our community. My experience as a businessman will beparticulary helpful in this direction.

2.- Work productively to protect the interests of our community, not only locally but also at European level. Consequently, it is essential that the Representative of our community possess experience in international relations.

3.- Be able to secure additional funds from European programmes to meet specific needs of our community.

4.- Support the efforts of the Prelacy and other active organizations, providing them with essential assistance towards the achievement of their goals.

5.- Involve the total potential of our community in the endeavour for the preservation of our ethnic identity.

6.- Establish genuine solidarity and make it a way of life and not a meaningless refrain. For the sake of progress in our community, solidarity should become an enduring value cherished by all.

7.- Appoint able and suitable qualified persons to positions of responsibility and to serve on different bodies thus enhancing overall effectiveness.

8.- Show sensitivity towards the everyday needs of the elderly and offer practical help and support.

9.- Vigorously pursue improvements in living conditions and solutions to problems associated with residence in Cyprus for our compatriots from Armenia and other countries.

10.- Be the impartial representative of all members of our community because we can only achieve our goals by cooperating with each other.

Dear brothers and sisters,

The ten point commitment you have just read, could open a new page for our community. With your support we can, together, open that new page.